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Watch Brent Cobb perform “Down in the Gulley” live!

Brent Cobb follows in the footsteps of his country music heroes with his new gospel album, And Now, Let’s Turn to Page…. By offering eight familiar hymns alongside an original song written with his wife, the collection feels reverent as well as rowdy—and completely in his comfort zone. Brent cites a near-death experience as the push he needed to finally make And Now, Let’s Turn to Page…. In July 2020, the vehicle he was driving, with his young son inside, got T-boned at a rural four-way stop. That crash made him think about everything that led up to that moment – the fact that he didn’t have his daughter with him because his mother offered to watch her, or that he took a different way to his parents’ house that day, or that he had to turn around and get something he’d forgotten in the house before heading out. “You just start piecing together how everything is sort of intentional,” he says. “And again, I’d always had it in the back of my mind to make a gospel album. That moment of clarity, of almost getting killed, made me think I should just make the gospel album now.” Produced by Dave Cobb in RCA Studio A in Nashville, And Now, Let’s Turn to Page… continues a tradition established by legends such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Willie Nelson, and Elvis Presley, who could invoke their spiritual side without losing sight of their musical foundation. “I’ve always wanted to make a southern gospel album because it’s what I come from, but also it used to seem like a rite of passage for country singers to make a gospel album,” Brent says. “It all comes from gospel music. That’s where country music came from. I’m just trying to carry that torch.”

“I know what matters to me and what I think I should focus on for my own life, but it might be different for somebody else,” he concludes. “I don’t know a whole lot about anything, but I know that it matters to me to incorporate the way that it all makes me feel, and to try to translate that to other people. And that’s what all of this is – my family, gospel music, and the church. All of it.”

The Piedmont Boys started out in Greenville, SC over a decade ago by frontman Greg Payne. They’ve played thousands of shows, logged thousands of miles, released four albums, toured half the continental U.S., shared stages with everyone from Eric Church to Charlie Robison..hell, they’ve even played rodeos from Oregon to Texas. But wherever they go, the refrain of the fans who come up to them remains the same: “I never liked country music until I heard y’all.”

 What these folks must be talking about is the watered-down pop-country stuff you hear on the radio nowadays, because if you don’t like REAL country…Merle, Willie, Waylon, Johnny…you won’t like The Piedmont Boys. If you don’t like against-the-grain, outlaw brand, whiskey-soaked, blue-collar honky-tonk music, the kind where the volume and the energy are dead ringers for rock & roll but the sound is gritty hard-country, you won’t like The Piedmont Boys. If you don’t like a live show that’s pedal-to-the-floorboard, rock the place down to the dirt and drain every drop of sweat from every human being in the house, you won’t like The Piedmont Boys. If you don’t like your Jerry Reed mixed with a little Metallica if you don’t like a band that loves playing live so much that they’ve had one weekend off in seven years, if you don’t like country mixed with bluegrass mixed with southern rock mixed with a little…make that a lot…of Jack Daniels, you won’t like The Piedmont Boys.

If any of that sounds like one hell of a good time, though, y’all come on in. The door’s always open

“When rattling off a list of the most hard charging, unapologetic honky-tonk Outlaw country bands out there who tour until it hurts, don’t know when to quit, and will kick your teeth in with their live show, The Piedmont Boys based out of South Carolina never receive their fair share of recognition. Arguably the most underrated and overlooked band in the Outlaw country realm, if you like Whitey Morgan and artists of that ilk, and music that reminds you of Waylon and Merle, these guys must be in your rotation.”

-Saving Country Music

The Green room

We are Brandon, Matt, Michael, and James and together we form The Green Room. We are eastern NC born and bred and lifelong friends. We grew up surfing, skateboarding, and playing music together. We have been blessed to grow up here on the east coast and enjoy all that living next to the ocean has to offer. Above all else though, we would all agree that playing music is our “first language” and we all share an undeniable connection to music. This friendship and brotherhood ultimately led to the creation of the band. While we have enjoyed playing covers at our live events, our biggest passion is writing and playing our own music- being creative with new melodies, developing our own unique sound, and, always, bringing good vibes.


If you miss the glory days of rock then look no further. We are THORN. Four, Eastern North Carolina guys bringing the ROCK and letting it ROLL. Young, energetic, and taking the area by storm. We come fully equipped with a variety of the best covers from the best bands. Not to mention an albums worth of killer originals.

Rock n’ Roll Lives Through Us.

Band Members:

  • Lead Guitar/Vocals: Drew Guthrie

  • Bass Guitar: Chad Davis

  • Rhythm Guitar: Aaron Winn

  • Drums: Nathan Willis

Contact: Facebook @thornband

PB & J

Brad Hodges & Jason Talbott are two guitarists hailing from Danville, VA – childhood friends that carried a love of music into a journey that wouldn’t be pigeon-holed nor would forsake the roots of the Appalachia music that was true to their hearts. Along with Jonah Citty, they christened the band Ergot that pushed musical boundaries of experimental funk, jazz and rock with a blend of originals and some tasty covers. With PB & J, they hearken back to their roots of mountain music and old fashioned pickin’.


ryan baysden w/ killin’ time

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