Tournament Summary

Thanks to all of our generous sponsors, donors, and volunteers, the Third Annual Sarah James Fulcher Redfish tournament was a huge success! Thank you to also all of the attendees for following COVID guidelines and keeping the Tournament safe.


This year, the SJF Redfish Tournament broke its prior years’ records for anglers, boats, fundraising, and prizes. Tournament organizers counted a total of 391 anglers registered this year, of which 48 were children, on roughly 106 boats. Given the high registration numbers, the Ramsey Family Calcutta started to build to record amounts early in the day. By 5PM, when all registration had closed, the Ramsey Family Calcutta had grown to $26,500.

Anglers set lines out at 6PM and throughout the middle hours of the tournament braved some of the toughest weather conditions the event has seen to date. Rain, lightning, water spouts, and unexpected winds pushed anglers to the far east and west portions of Cedar Island, given the heart of the weather system was over Cedar Island’s land mass. This allowed anglers to get into different territory and pull in an estimated 400 fish over 40”.

The competition and conditions were fierce, but 11-year old Corbyn Baker pulled through, winning First Place, the Ramsey Family Calcutta, the Kid’s Tournament, and the Lady Angler award, taking home a $30,000 purse! Her prize winning Old Drum measured 51.75 inches, beating second place by only 0.375 inches. Corbyn and her father Garrett registered the day of the tournament, and Corbyn begged her father to enter the Ramsey Family Calcutta. They headed out on the 1977 20 ft. Pro-Line (the “Rogue Mullet), with Corbyn pushing 90 HP Mercury tiller motor to the limit heading West. This young lady angler started with fishing with a finger mullet, worked her way up to a bluefish, and used that bait to catch the prize-winning Old Drum. Corbyn and her family camp at the Cedar Island Resort & RV Park all summer long, and she is an adamant angler!  

Kimberly Fitzgerald of Morehead City, N.C. took home second place, with an Old Drum Measuring 51.375 inches! Kimberly went home with $2,000 in prize money.

Prize Winners

  • First Place, Ramsey Family Calcutta, Lady Angler, and Kid’s Prize: Corbyn Baker, 51.75” Old Drum, $30,000

  • Second Place: Kimberly Fitzgerald, 51.375” Old Drum. $2,000

Tournament Statistics

  • 391 Participating Anglers

  • 58 Kid Anglers

  • 117 (estimated) Boats

  • $31,000 in Prize Money

Corbyn Baker driving her dad’s (Garrett’s 19 ft. ProLine out to the fishing grounds. (Photo: Garrett Baker)

Corbyn Baker driving her dad’s (Garrett’s 19 ft. ProLine out to the fishing grounds. (Photo: Garrett Baker)

Members of Sarah James Fulcher with Corbyn Baker and her father, Garrett (Photo: Suzanne Baker)

Members of Sarah James Fulcher with Corbyn Baker and her father, Garrett (Photo: Suzanne Baker)

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Sponsorship and Donations

If you’re interested in sponsoring, see the sponsorship levels below! In 2019, the Tournament was able to bring in over $100,000! All of the available funds will go to developing opportunities for recreation for kids in the community with disabilities, including Phase II of the Eastern Park Project, and brand new play set at Cedar Island Volunteer Fire Department!

Sponsorship Levels:

Redfish Level Giving: Up to $199. Your name on the website!

Puppy Drum Level Giving: $200 to $749. T-Shirt , Coozie, and your name on the website!

Slot Drum Level Giving: $750 to $1,499. T-Shirt, Coozie, your name on sign at tournament and website.

Bull Drum Level Giving: $1,500+. Official Sponsorship of the Tournament. Your name as official sponsor on the tournament sign, as well as all the above.

Please include your t-shirt size in the “Write Note” Section when donating via PayPal!

Sarah James Fulcher
8207-P Market St.
PO Box 10415
Wilmington, NC 28404

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A list of sponsors of the 2020 Third Annual Sarah James Fulcher Tournament is below!

JM Davis Industries

Tournament Sponsor:

OLD DRUM Sponsors:


bull Drum:

Slot Drum:

Puppy Drum:

  • Mary Jane Govoni

  • Robin Morris & Mill Point Aquaculture

  • Island’s Choice

  • Amy Brinkley – The Blonde Cook

  • Realty World First Coast Realty

  • Judy Whiting

  • Ribeye’s of Beaufort

  • Quality First Exteriors

  • Brandon, Becky, and Beckett Willis

  • Chadwick Tire

  • Harker’s Island RV Resort

  • Terri Lomax & Bill Winner

  • Debbie Emory

  • Tad & Linda Kindell

  • Donna Smith

  • David Booth

  • Warren Gibson & Family

  • Jenny Radford

  • Luther Smith

  • Amanda Baron

  • James Guthrie

  • Bobby Jones

  • Richard & Brenda Lowdermilk

  • Special Wood of Wilmington, Inc.

  • End Point Seafood

  • Lookout Pest Control


  • The Pomp Family

  • Corinne Reynoso

  • Kelly, Sherri, and Tinley Guthrie

  • Jane Treon

  • Abbey Townsend

  • Damon & Martha Coe

  • Fort Macon Marina

  • David Wheatly & Tabitha Nance

  • David & Nina Gaskill

  • Bill & Cathy Stavenger

  • Flo-Nation, LLC

  • Michael Pollard

  • John Mason

  • Anonymous in Memory of John Martin

  • Anonymous in Memory of John Martin

  • Anonymous in Memory of John Martin

  • Anonymous in Memory of John Martin